“I got nothing to say – I’m tapped out.”

Lovefilm sent me Shoot Em Up today, and I’ve already watched it, so I can get it back in the post and get a new DVD arriving on my doormat on Friday morning. I love the fast turnaround. Shoot em Up was actually, in spite of being cliched and contrived plot and too much action to sustain anything else around it, pretty good fun to watch. The action sequences were all rather fun (and had a great sense of irony) and Paul Giamatti was simply wonderful as the villain. Giamatti has recently taken over John C Reilly as being my favourite actor and I find it amazing that he doesn’t get more high profile roles. He’s one of those actors that makes anything he plays into something great, and I will watch a movie simply because he’s in it. The only other person who I feel like that about is Stanley Kubrick, and he’s not an actor.

I’ll leave the last word to this hilarious interview that I just found, where Paul Giamatti (an atheist) does well in battling off a mad spiritualist. Good stuff.

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