Not wanting to sound like one of those frightfully boorish people who think that music that uses electronic beats, samples or loops is bad and against the general manifesto of coveted rock n roll, but its really nice to see that Mick Jones is back doing what he does best. Don’t get me wrong, his post Clash catalogue has not been all that bad (E=MC2 is a storming track and using a sample from Should I Stay or Should I Go in BAD’s The Globe is inspired) but it’s nice to hear a song of quality of him doing what he does oh so well – storming a riff that’s going to stick in your mind with simple but honest lyrics. Carbon/Silicon (featuring Generation X and Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s Tony James – a man, surely, too posh to have truly earned his punk moniker) is the name of the band and this track is entitled The News.

It also goes without saying that the choice to not try and hide his baldness with a hat or try and do the close crop with compensating goatie makes Mr Jones worthy of anyone’s respect. Another good reason is this:

Sound advice indeed.

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