The fame.

I’ve just had my email read out on the George Lamb show on BBC6 Music! I know that this isn’t exactly a massive dalliance with fame, but it did get a huge laugh from George and the boys and had really made my day.

You can hear the clip here, or if you don’t want to, this is the email I sent in to the prompt, “Do you know anyone who has given away inappropriate photos as presents”:

Hey George

Don’t know if I’ve missed the boat with this but I had a mate a few years ago who was, apparently, the great nephew of Jimmy Saville. One Christmas he was a bit short of the reddies and so gave away a pic of old Jim, but blatantly signed by my mate. Filthy, wouldn’t you agree?

“Working” in Wellingboro

I’m all made up now. Of course I’m meant to be working. In fact, in spite of getting all of my work done in a remarkably short period of time today and filling my day nicely, I have had my head well up my arse for most of the morning.

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