The game.

I am constantly trying to sell video gaming as a valid form of art (more so even than the torrid durge of rubbish that is shown night after night on TV all over the world), but I still feel that people are not open to this concept.

Video gaming offers a whole new experience now than it did ten years ago. The player now does not so much play a game as become immersed in a world that they can save (or ruin) and develop feelings towards characters that easily match up with those found in movies or in television programmes. Yes, they are to a large extent anti-social and they do take up a fair amount of time, but I still don’t understand why it is considered somewhat devient for an adult to have gaming as a primary hobby but “normal” to be enslaved by the nightly onslaught of tepid soap operas.

I will demonstrate the thoughtful approach that modern gaming takes with a trailer for Gears of War 2, a violent, visceral action game. Something which may be considered to be beyond a sentimental reproach has suddenly become poignant and moving. Who’d have thought?

5 thoughts on “The game.

  1. What amazes me is the growth of music in videogames. So much so that it now has it’s own genre. If you compare 1970 to now you can see how much it’s evolved in just under 40 years.

  2. Why is there no close-up of Baird in that trailer? Poor Baird, he’s always being left out.

    Video games are definitely getting more artistic and emotionally involving. I think their length is an advantage in that regard, because by the end of it you really feel like you know the characters. Although not in the case of Final Fantasy XII, haha.

    It’s kind of funny (or maybe just fucking annoying) — people’s main criticisms of video games (aside from the just moronic claim that it incites real life violence) are that it’s antisocial and unintelligent, but actually I think it’s quite the opposite. Multiplayer and co-op gaming is one of the most interactive and social activities I can think of, more so than going to the cinema for example (not that that isn’t fun too). As for video games being unintelligent, that’s just bollocks too. Even the old basic platformers like Sonic the Hedgehog helps improve your reaction times visual-spatial awareness, and games are getting more and more mentally stimulating all the time. (And I don’t just mean all the Brain Training/Crosswords/Sudoku games that are so popular now…)

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