The story behind the story.

I now know the difference between the American and British Secret Services. Upon visiting both the SIS and CIA websites and clicking on Careers, I learned that neither organisations’ operatives are much like James Bond or Jack Bauer. They do however go about telling you this in different ways. The SIS tell you myths and truths in a formal, Q & A way whereas the CIA take you on their “Personality and Aptitude Test!” that runs very much like something from OK Cupid!. I did deduce that a career in the secret service is not really for me though, mostly because of the high academic and extra curricular achievements that they require. I don’t think that my presidency of the Student Union at Rugby College will really cut it with the SIS.

Elsewhere on Wikipedia I found that Abraham Lincoln is universally considered the best American president, with Franklin D Roosevelt coming in second. Alarmingly, in 5th or 6th place (consistently) came “Don’t know”. Which means “Don’t know” is technically a better president than John F Kennedy or George Washington.

One thought on “The story behind the story.

  1. That’s a bit of a shame, seeing as how I think even I could name 5 or 6 US predients… :S

    In other news, I was so sure I was going to join MI5 when I was wee. And now watching Spooks has made me want to be a spy again whenI grow up. Unfortunatley, I suspect there’s a lot of paperwork involved.

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