There are things in life that are too practical to be fun, or too funny to be practical. Although this statement is true for a huge proportion of the time, there are the occasional little gems of things that are so silly and ridiculous that they can only be clever and pioneering.

While on a bored Wikipedia expedition last night I found an article about animals that are used in different services in human life. There are the obvious things like guide dogs (and guide horses, for those with allergies of dogs but, presumably, not horses) and police horses. But then I found that there were, in Boston, Massachusetts, a group of people called Helping Hands, who provided training for monkeys to provide living support to people who have been paralysed.

I thought that this was someone having a joke, but, upon further investigation, found it to be the absolute truth. And what a great idea it is. This video demonstrates why.

Predictably, a lot of the commenters on these videos are either saying that it is cruel for the monkeys to live with humans or that it is patronising for the people with the disabilities to be given a monkey for these aspects of their care. But this video, submitted by a man for whom care is provided in such a way, manages to dispel all of these negative views.

Pretty amazing.

And while I’m in this kind of mood, here is a video of a penguin that goes shopping.

Only in Japan.

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