Well, I’m back following the hiatus caused by my lack of laptop (which fell foul to a broken charger), and, honestly, I’m angry about things. Mostly, brothers and sisters, religion.

I was never raised in any particular religion and have, as a subsequence always been open minded when it came to fate and understanding of where our morality comes from. The idea of a god-like figure never sat easily with me and, recently, I realised that I was more or less hiding behind the term “agnostic” to sum up what I believed (or didn’t) and came out of the denominational closet and announced myself as being an atheist. And I found this to be a very good thing to do. I now take an active interest in Humanistic thinking and ethics; believing that life is actually all there is really frees up time and effort to actually enjoy life. I find that it is a sensible and rewarding view to have in life, and one that I take a pride in.

It does however mean that I have even less patience with religion – particularly organised religion – than ever before. I’m not going to rant on my personal feelings or views on what I think of individual faiths or religions (after all, I respect others who worship in a certain way, I just don’t agree with it) but I was so offended by the following article by Christian Voice (who are essentially to Christianity what the National Front is to politics) about a Gay Rights march in Brighton on 10th August, 2007. The article can be found here:

One paragraph reads:

“‘Shame on you’, chanted an overweight man, clutching his ‘boyfriend’s’ hand, seemingly unaware of the paradox of accusing others of shame while foaming out his own shame (Jude 1:13). Such perversion merely demonstrates the truth of the Bible when it says ‘the unjust knoweth no shame’ (Zeph 3:5). The Apostle Paul also writes of those ‘Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly (Greek ‘koilia’) and whose glory is in their shame’ (Phil 3:19).”

Not much in the way of love or understanding there. The article follows this dictat of pathetic and outdated homophobia while constantly ramming home scripture, presumably as some kind of justification. Interestingly (especially given my earlier comparison) the National Front are mentioned as they too protested the march, which Christian Voice seem to object to, not because of the racism and hatred that the NF convey but because they were aping their protests:

“Funny how the NF have just picked up on the idea of protesting at gay pride events, three years after we started in London 2005. Could it be that some homosexual in the NF has worked out that their presence could devalue ours? No, they aren’t that bright, surely? But just maybe the spirit of homosexuality is still as inseparable from national socialism as it was when the Nazi Party began its obscene life in a Munich gay bar.”

Seems like there’s a war of who hates the gays the most.

It is disturbing indeed that Christian Voice can get away with much of what they say because they are a religious organisation, thus, on the “side of good”. It goes to show the dangers that can exist if you treat a 2000 year old book, written two hundred years after the fact and translated, subverted and censored by propagandist authors of numerous religious and political powers as the “truth” that life should be lived by. I don’t agree with religion at all, but I recognise that there are practitioners who are adaptable, open minded and tolerant. All that Christian Voice seem to be is a bunch of paranoid, outdated extremists who feel the need to picket everything from theatre shows to bus hoardings not because they believe in what they preach but because they are in such desperate need of spiritual control because the thought of life scares them so much. After all, this is a group who’s spokesman, Stephen Green, told the BBC that “Bendy-buses, like atheism, are a danger to the public at large”.

But then, that’s the mentality of some people. I’ll close with Stewart Lee, who sums up the inherent stupidity of it all better than I can.

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